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Mickelson, Jacobs and Bozek LLC is an experienced family and matrimonial law practice committed to representing husbands, wives, mothers, fathers, children and grandparents in all types of family court matters.
Our attorneys are also skilled Collaborate Divorce attorneys and mediators.
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Can mediation help divorced parents address changing circumstances?
Absolutely. Your needs, and your children's, change over time. Mediators can assist parents (many of whom may be unfamiliar with mediation, or did not use it in their divorce) in updating or modifying an agreement that once made sense, but now requires changes to reflect new circumstances.
Do we always meet together in mediation?
There is great power in dialogue in the same room. Dispute resolution through litigation often creates isolation and loss of control which can be avoided through mediation.
Doesn't mediation simply postpone conflicts until a later time?
Not at all. Studies show that people who mediate conflicts have a substantially greater likelihood of voluntarily keeping agreements. They are more satisfied with the process and experience a reduced likelihood of significant conflict in the future.
What are the benefits of mediation?
In mediation you have the power to craft an agreement that best suits the needs of your family. Instead of handing over power to a third party who hardly knows you, both parties are present in mediation where the intent and meaning of someone's actions or statements can be clarified immediately. Misunderstandings are minimized. Mediation also saves the time and money that may be lost communicating with third parties.
What if our issues are particularly complex?
Our mediators have years of experience dealing with complex family issues. However, if you are having difficulty resolving a particularly complex, sensitive or volatile issue during the mediation process and decide that it is appropriate to seek input from other sources, we offer the option of integrating other legal, financial and mental health professionals into the mediation process.
What is co-mediation?
Co-mediation involves using a second mediator of complementary gender. Having different perspectives and two creative problem solvers is more effective at breaking through barriers to reach settlement. In a nutshell, you get two experienced professionals working on your problems, and more emotional support in the process.
Why does mediation work?
Accomplished mediators are able to focus on your real concerns (your "interests") and not merely your view of what is required to protect yourself (your "position"). Mediation works because you can hear directly the other person's concerns and, with the assistance of the neutral mediator, accommodate those concerns without compromising your own interests.

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